Outside catering partnerships

white-labelled outside cateringIf you own or manage a pub, restaurant, hotel or similar venue, RGCS has an opportunity for you to expand the services offered by your venue and make additional profit for your business - all without you having to lift a finger!

RGCS works in partnership with a number of venues to provide outside catering services under the venue's own name. The venue promotes their outside catering service to its customers, takes bookings and then passes them to RGCS to deliver the required services under the white-labelled name.

From the moment the booking is taken by the venue, everything else is handled by RGCS, from the initial meeting with the client through to delivery of the required catering services. All work is carried out by RGCS in their own kitchens with their own staff and equipment, meaning that the work has no impact at all on the venue's own daily operations. The venue benefits by receiving a percentage of the profits from any bookings taken and delivered under their name while also gaining a reputation for providing additional services above and beyond those delivered within the venue itself.

With over 20 years of catering experience, you can be sure that your venue's name is in very good hands and can trust RGCS to uphold the reputation of your business with our high quality service.

If you're interested in exploring an additional revenue stream for your business, contact us today for a informal, no-obligation discussion about the first steps. Call us on 07806 780944, email info@rgcscaterers.co.uk or complete our online enquiry form.